Borsang Village & San Kamphang Hot Spring



Borsang village is well known for outstanding handcraft quality as well as signature floral designs. It has made its name throughout the country and abroad. Borsang has become synonymous with the paper-umbrella craft itself and the umbrella, a cultural symbol of Chiang Mai. San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is amid natural surroundings of lush trees and verdant hills. The spring contains Sulphur and minerals believed to help restore skin and relax stress.


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Visit Borsang Village that you'll find plenty of hand-painted umbrellas, tiny cocktail umbrellas, large parasols for gardens or patios and other handmade products – all made from sa paper (produced from the bark of the mulberry tree) and, a more recent development, cotton. The design has also evolved, from the original floral patterns to depictions of Chiang Mai’s rural scenery and even abstract patterns.
• Go to San Kampang Hot Spring, Chiang Mai, the perfect destination for people who are conscious about their health and physical well-being. The water contains high Sulphur content and it cures many diseases and improves blood circulation.

• Minimum 2 person.
• 1 person add 400 baht.

Tour Included: Transportation & Hot Spring Ticket
Tour Excluded: Hot spring bath tickets

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