Chiang Mai Chiang Dao, Jungle Kayak Adventure



The most scenic acessible kayaking takes place North of Chiang Mai in the Mae Ngat Valley to Chiang Dao region and south of Chiang Mai on the Mae Wang River. It is here where we pick the most interesting river sections taking water flow and weather conditions in consideration. River flow can vary daily in the rainy season and in the cool and dry season we move deeper into the jungle as water ways open up to exploration. The "mighty" Mae Ping River presents us here with creek like to smoothly flowing conditions, rewarding us with lush canopy,, breath taking views of Jungle walls and mountain scapes. When choosing the final route we take kayakers ability levels and match the appropriate water conditions. We welcome families and take special consideration when recomending a trip including children.


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Chiang Dao Jungle River (North of Chiang Mai)

In mild rainy seasons and as the rains ease into the cool season. Receding water levels allow us to enter deep into the jungle and navigate through the lush and overgrown water ways of the northern Ping River. The creek like river winds itself through bamboo jungle and temperate forest presenting us with an intimate view of undisturbed nature. The overhanging trees and the cool water provide for a unique cool environment as we navigate the task at hand. Abundant bird life crossings, fish jumping and mysterious sounds from the forest accompany us on our journey. A great way to experience Northern Thailands Jungle while enjoying Chiang Dao's suppurb mountain scape.

When: Daily 8:30 am - 6.30 pm, 1.5 hour drive (worth it)

Trip: Kayak Ping river through Jungle. Lots of shade.

River grade: Class 1 light, lots of trees.

Distance/Time : 18-24 km, 4-5 hours,

Motivated Beginners are welcome,

Lessons in River flow dynamics and kayak skills

Fitness level : good

Kayaks: maneuvrable Sit On Top Kayaks

Whitewater River running boats available


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