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The most scenic acessible kayaking takes place North of Chiang Mai in the Mae Ngat Valley to Chiang Dao region and south of Chiang Mai on the Mae Wang River. It is here where we pick the most interesting river sections taking water flow and weather conditions in consideration. River flow can vary daily in the rainy season and in the cool and dry season we move deeper into the jungle as water ways open up to exploration. The "mighty" Mae Ping River presents us here with creek like to smoothly flowing conditions, rewarding us with lush canopy,, breath taking views of Jungle walls and mountain scapes. When choosing the final route we take kayakers ability levels and match the appropriate water conditions. We welcome families and take special consideration when recomending a trip including children.



Chiang Dao Mountain Views

75km north of Chiang Mai, our drive to our starting point reveals a beautiful valley with orchards, rice, com fields and rolling hills. The famous Chiang Dao mountain, the "last tooth of the Himalayas". sticks out like a giant fin. At 2225 m tall with its jagged and sharp peaks it cuts through the rest of the skyline and demands our attention. The Ping River, here swift yet at a relaxing pace, flows in the shadow of the Chiang Dao mountain. Every turn seems to present itself with a new photo opportunity as we paddle south across the valley. The river contours keep us focused when the creek like features force us to adhere to the river's path. Great place to learn the tricks of the trade in a Class 1 river. Soon we leave the forest and in the open valley life along the shores is at a relaxed pace, people here tent to natural resources. Living off the land has true meaning here. Is it crabs they are loooking for as locals are snorkeling the river banks? We notice the fisher man throwing he net waiting for a catch, and the farmers waving taking a break from tending their crops. The village of Chiang Dao nears and we joy a late but heartly lunch by the river, The River View Trop is a bit more relaxed then the Chiang Dao Jungle Trip with a wider river base, allowing more sight seeing.

When: 8:30 am - 6.30 om.

Trip: Kayaking from the jungle into the Chiang Dao Valley

River grade: Class 1 mild

Distance/Time :18 km to 24 km, 4-5 hours

Motivated Beginners are welcome,

Lessons in River flow dynamics and kayak skills

Fitness level : good

Kayaks: Touring Kayaks sit in & Sit On Tops

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