2 Days 1 Night Ran-Tong Elephant Training




Day 1:
8:00 am. - 8.30 am.     Pick you up from your hotel.
Drive to a local market to buy fresh fruits for feeding the elephants.
Then we’ll drive about 1 hour to Ran-Tong Elephants Training Cor.
You will have an elephant training course and learn the basic commands for controlling an elephant.
12:00 pm.     Lunch
1:00 pm.       Ride through the forest with your elephant practicing what you have learned in the training course.
2.30 pm.       Take the elephant to bath with the elephant trainer 3.00pm Weal to the waterfall for a swim.
4.00 pm.       Return to elephant camp.

Day 2:
9:00 am.        Breakfast
9:30 am         Learn more commands for controlling an elephant and learn to make a herbal vitamin for the elephant.
11:00 am.      Plant grass for elephant food
12:00 pm.      Lunch
1:00 pm.        Ride the elephant through the forest
2:30 pm.        Have a mud bath with the elephant
3:00 pm.        Clean off with the elephant with a proper bath!
4:00 pm.        Head back to camp 5:00pm Enjoy dinner and chat with your guide and elephant trainer  

Tour Included:        

Photo CD
Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Drinking water
Bananas for feed elephant.

Things to bring: Towel, Clothes, Toothbrush, Shampoo, Soap, Toilet Paper, Camera, Mosquito Spray, Snack
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