Elephant care project 2 days 1 night



Feel relaxing: Experience a serene and a peaceful moment in time away from the city Learning Loving Hugging Helping


1 Day

8:30 am.               Pick you up at hotel

9:30 am.               Arrive at elephant’s valley

10:00 am.             Brief about elephant’s history

10:45 am.             Feed the elephants

11:00 am.             Walking with elephants

12:00 pm.             Take a break

12:30 pm.             Lunch served

13:00 pm.            Learn about basic Thai herbal medicine

13:30 pm.            Trekking through the Forest

14:00 pm.            Elephant bathing and swimming

15:30 pm.            Fresh fruits served and free time.

17:00 pm.            Thai cooking lesson and BBQ.

19:30 pm.            Dinner served. Stay at BMP farmhouse.

2 Day

8:00 am.               Breakfast time

9:00 am.               Collect your bicycle

9:30 am.               Start cycling to visit Lisu and Akha

Hill tribe village

Option 1 : cycling 3 Kms.

Option 2 : cycling 9 Kms.

12:00 pm.            Lunch

13:00 pm.            White water rafting

14:30 pm.            Visit Karen long neck village

15:00 pm.            Drive back to Chiang mai

16:00 pm.            Arrive at your hotel

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