Rural Explorer



You don’t have to be a regular rider to enjoy one of our cross country cycling tours in Chiang Mai. Join us for an easy mountain bike ride through the stunning Chiang Mai countryside in Mae Rim district.


** Please contact us first to check availability before make a payment
** Minimum booking 2 person

Time Schedule: Subject to change, depending on weather and availability, time are approximations.

- 8.30 am. Pick up from the hotel and transfer to cycling shop
- 9.00 am. Welcome & introduction, complimentary coffee, meet the team and briefing on cycling tour shop departure
- 9.30 am. Shop departure
- 11.00 am. Arrive at the start point and visit Mork Fa waterfall
- 11.30 am. Begin the cycling adventure through beautiful Thai countryside
- 2.30 pm. Finish the ride and enjoy a delicious locally sourced Thai lunch
- 3.30 pm. Program wrap-up and transfer back to office or hotel
- 5.00 pm. Arrive at office or hotel

Location: Mae Rim, Chiang Mai approx. 1.5 hours from Chiang Mai’s Old City

During the Rural Explorer tour you will start with a short hike to the majestic Mork Fa waterfall before riding along quiet back roads through the mountain landscape visiting fruit orchards, rice paddies, and small villages.

The terrain is very gentle with the majority of the ride taking place on quiet rural roads as well as dual dirt track.  As for all of our cross country cycling tours in Chiang Mai we make lots of stops to learn about daily village life as well as the culture and to enjoy delicious local snacks cycling at a comfortable pace.   A support vehicle will be available should you need to take a rest.

After the cycling tour, a delicious lunch is served at a lakeside restaurant where you can relax before heading back to the city for the tour conclusion.

**Please Note** 
The Rural Explorer tour requires a minimum of 2 riders for departure. Solo booking will be held as Pending Booking.  When the minimum number of riders is reached then you will automatically receive the confirmation email and the payment information.

Price Includes
- Premium quality bike KONA Blast Trail 27.5″ HT. More details here. (Subtract 500 Baht if bring your own bike)
- Protective gear – helmet (full face upon request), knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, hydration packs
- Drinks, lunch and snacks
- Insurance
- National park entrance fee
- Friendly and professional guide

- Top Cycling jersey or t-shirts
- Lightweight rain jacket Never trust the tropical climate
- Bottom All Mountain or DH style shorts. If you don’t have one, we recommend light fabric shorts with elastic waist-band or surf shorts.
- Shoes Athletic shoes, lightweight hiking boots, or trail running shoes with a sturdy sole work well. (Riders can bring their own clipless pedals and shoes and we can install them on our bike).

- Camera Sport or compact one.
- Sunscreen & Sunglasses
- Some cash If you enjoy your ride, please tip your guide.

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