2 Days Chiangmai Elephant Training



The elephants. As a way of life that bind the human-elephant. Chang is a land animal body size. And listen. And follow the instructions very well. If you are trained to be docile Finally able to understand and follow the instructions of the mahout. From the mahout, or who have expertise in training elephants control. To use the language to specific commands. A short speech for communication between mahout and elephant. There will be training every day. To understand the elephant. And be familiar with these commands next.


Chiang Chiangmai Elephant Training Camp : 2 Day Mahout Trainingmai

Day 1:
08.30 a.m. Pick you up from hotel, drive about 1 hour to see growing grass for elephant food. Arrive at the Ban Bang Kud Elephant Camp, change clothes, start introduction to basic elephant training course. Learn basic commands for elephant (Karen language) for the elephant follows the order.
12.00 a.m. Lunch time.
13.00 p.m. Start to control elephant and riding with elephant bareback. And ride the elephant to bath. After that come back at the camp for feed the elephant.
16.30 p.m. Send elephant to the forest. 
18.00 p.m. Enjoy with Thai cooking and dinner with the guide and mahout.

Day 2:
06.00 a.m. Go to take the elephant from the forest.
08.00 a.m. Bath and feed the elephant.
10.00 a.m. Breakfast. 11.00 a.m. Review lesson that study yesterday and study ordering with the elephant.
12.00 p.m. Lunch. 13.30 p.m. Start control and ride elephant to theforest.
14.30 p.m. Visit the Elephant Dung paper factory
16.00 p.m. Arrive to Chiang mai.

Tour include : Mahout training course, 4 Meals, Accommodation, Accident insurance, Experienced guide (Speak English), Transportation and Certificate. 
Tour does not include : All kind of drinks.
What to bring on tour : Small bag pack, Passport copy, personal medicine, Toilet paper, Long/Short pants, Long/Short Sleeve shirt, Walking shoes, Sandal, Socks, Towel, Swimming suit, Insect spray, Sun cream

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