Siam Rice Thai Cookery School



Looking for gifts to bring back home for your loved ones? Why not surprise them with a gift from Thailand specially created by you? Do not hesitate to come and join us. We look forward to seeing you at Siam Rice Thai Cookery School.



Pick up time: 08.30 am. – 09.20 am.
Drop off time: 3.30 pm.

- Market tour
- Enjoy eat food that you have cooked


1. Soup (Choose one)
- Hot & Sour prawns soup
- Chicken in coconut milk soup
- Hot and Creamy Soup
- Spicy soup with sweet basil

2. Noodles (Choose one)
- Fried Noodle Thai Style
- Fried Glass Noodle with vegetables
- Fried big noodles
- Drunken noodles

3. Appetizer (Choose one)
- Spring Roll
- Papaya Salad
- Chicken Salad
- Spicy Glass Noodles Salad
- Green mango salad

4. Stir Fried (Choose one)
- Stir Fried cashew nut with chicken
- Sweet and Sour vegetables
- Stir fried holy basil with chicken
- Fried ginger with chicken

5. Make curry paste

6. Curry  (Choose one)
- Khao Soy
- Green curry
- Red curry with eggplant
- Red curry with pineapple
- Pumpkin curry northern style
- Massaman curry
- Jungle curry
- Yellow curry
- Red curry with pumpkin
- Panang curry

7. Dessert (Choose one)
- Sticky rice with mango
- Banana in coconut milk
- Sticky rice with young coconut
- Pumpkin in coconut milk

Tour included: Transfer from hotel / Drinking water, Tea, Coffee / Recipe book / Certificate

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