Full Day Cooking Course



Learn how to cook Thai Food with us feeling like your home. We focus on the best ingredients that fresh and Non-chemical. You will cook 6 dishes curry paste curry. soup, stir fire, appetizer, and dessert that include with the popular menu in Thailand. At our class you will learn how to make your own curry paste and put in your curry, visit local market tour like a Thai people do everyday life and taste Thai fruits or Royal dessert. When you arrived at our farm the Thai herb welcome drink will served, picking organic vegetables and feed fish. Teacher full of the experience and great in cooking Thai food, Because we grow up in the family love cooking and we have own recipe. We are located on Sansai. We have transportation to pick up and sent you back at your hotel. Free in Old city area We have the areas for eating, eating inside, eating with the pavilion outside surrounded by vegetables and pond, pond seat you can drop your legs in. You can enjoy the view from farm when you cooking, the staff very friendly, we are ready to share our experience. How about you? Are you ready to cook with us?

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฿1,000 ฿1,000


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