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Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center Dinner & Show Ticket only



Enjoy delicious food served in a traditional Thai Lanna style while enjoying the wonders of beautiful Thai dancing and traditional music. Old Chiangmai presents the original most authentic live Khantoke experience that has been enjoyed throughout history in Northern Thailand.

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You will find your place in a spacious hall built of teak, and finished and decorated using only the original materials and motifs. You will have removed your shoes before entering and will now be comfortably seated on cushions on the carpeted floor or at nearby tables as you prefer. Within moments, the attentive staff will bring your drinks and Khantoke. The Khantoke is a circular wooden tray set on pedestal that serves as a table. It will carry one of the most delicious meals you have ever eaten.

There are in fact two types of Khantoke. The one in front of you is the Yuan Khantoke. It is made of teak and is widely used, even today, in Northern Thailand. The other is the Lao Khantoke, a much more spindly three-legged structure that is made from bamboo strips and woven rattan and used mainly in Northeastern Thailand, Laos and Yunnan. 

** The price Ticket only **

** Transfer Excluded **

Khantoke Food Menu.
• Chiang Mai Style Pork Curry with Ginger & Tamarind Sauce

• Grilled Young Chili Paste
• Minced Pork in Tomato Sauce
• Crispy Pork Skin
• Steamed Vegetables
• Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables
• Crispy Rice Noodle
• Fired Pumpkin

The show starts at 7.30
Exclude: Drinking Water 

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