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The Chiang Mai Night Safari has a generous lead animals to visitors, since it does not have to shell out as the White Lion Wildlife hitters today survives only 200 in the world, including white tigers, rare animals again. Kind waiting to welcome the visit of all the people who love nature. From the front entrance ever.

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Chiang Mai Night Safari is also highlighted in the Nature Theme Park, ourists will be able to study the behavior of wild animals up close.

In addition to taste the warmth of the audience and in contact with wild animals up close with (Tram) 50-seat decorated. The Chiang Mai Night Safari also offers other activities. Many are waiting for the visit of tourists from all over the world, beautiful and greatest in nightly performances Safari Dancing feeding animals close in points which featured here, visitors will have the opportunity to experience  relax amongst trees at the Chiang Mai Night Safari Resort, a resort near the city of Chiang Mai. Other activities Many visitors to experience what the current shuffle off.Kind waiting to welcome the visit of all the people who love nature.

















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