Visitors and volunteers can expect an enjoyable and rewarding experience working with the local mahouts to care for these majestic symbols of strength and peace. The allure of the elephants is powerful. It’s hard to resist the idea of being in the presence of these incredibly intelligent creatures.


Pick up time: 7.00 am. – 7.30 am.
Drop off time: 1.30 pm. – 2.00 pm.

The conservative Half Day Program offered diverse activities including preparing food and herb for an elephant, taking a bath and scrub mud for an elephant protection, having a prepared lunch, and taking you back to your hotel.

- 07:00 A.M. - 07:30 A.M. You will be taken up at your hotel, then it will take at least an hour to get to the countryside branches of elephant retirement park (Mae Tang district).

- 08:30 A.M. There will be a provided local clothes for changing before the experienced guide will give you explanatory elephants and park info and how to take care of them properly.

- 09:00 A.M. It is time to prepare food and herbs for the elephants' treats before enjoying feeding them healthily. Afterward, you will walk and play along with an elephant. During this time, you will get an observation of their behavior and enjoy the scenery view as well.

- 11:00 A.M. After that, you have to change into your prepared swimming/bathing suit before cleaning an elephant by bathing and scrubbing mud for the elephant’s skin protection and let them play freely.

- 12:00 A.M. Next, change stained clothes and take a shower before enjoy provided vegetarians traditional Thai lunch with complimentary filtered water, coffee, and tea.

- 01:30 P.M. You will be taken up to go back to your place which will take 45 mins-journey for driving

Tour included: Transfer from hotel / Tour guide / Insurance / Drinking water / Photography upload on facebook / Bananas, and sugar cane for the elephants.

What to bring: Towel / Spare cloths / Sandal / Sun lotion / Insect repellant

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