Half Day Afternoon Elephant Retirement Park



Elephant Retirement Park is an elephant camp where raising and taking care of elephants. The camp has a strict policy regarding the preservation of elephants. Elephant riding is not allowed. Do not tie or bind the elephant to any equipment. The focus is on promoting the well-being of elephants for a safe and well-being. Visitors who are interested in volunteering will have a fun and rewarding experience learning about elephants from local mahouts in their care. These majestic beasts


Pick up time: 12.00 pm. – 12.30 pm.
Drop off time: 5.00 pm. – 5.30 pm.


Start your journey in the morning with a hotel pick-up.

Take the 1-hour ride to the countryside of Mae Tang district.

1.30 pm. Get changed into the local clothes and be ready for fun activities. The experienced guide will provide information about the elephants' behavior, elephant history, and how to provide proper care

for them.

2.00 pm. Then, you will get to prepare food and healthy treats for the elephants. Next, you will feed the elephants. While they enjoy their baskets of bananas, you can photograph (Please close the flash at your camera). You can touch and interact with the elephants at your leisure while you learn about their behavior.

2.30 pm. After that, you and the elephants will walk to play in the mud and sand spa. During this time, you will have a chance to observe their behavior. You can also enjoy with the elephant for cleaning elephant's skin and scrub mud to their body for protecting elephant's skin from the insect, this activity depends on an elephant if elephant wants to do you can join. After your time with the elephants, change your clothes, shower.

4.00 pm. To end your trip, you will take the 1-hour journey back to the city and will be transferred back to your hotel in Chiang Mai city center.

Arrive at your hotel at about 5.00 - 5.30 pm.

Tour included: Transfer from hotel / Tour guide / Insurance / Drinking water / Photography upload on facebook / Bananas, and sugar cane for the elephants.

What to bring: Towel / Spare cloths / Sandal / Sun lotion / Insect repellant
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