Half day Jungle Safari with Elephant Trek



หมวดหมู่ : เกาะสมุย


09:00 a.m. After we pick up all customers then we meet at Grandfather/Grandmother Rock.
09:45 a.m. Arrive at Grandfather & Grandmother Rock. 
Visit the Namuang safari park. 
- Elephant Riding. You can use the back of these wonderful majestic animals. Elephant trekking goes through the jungle nearby the waterfall, take 30 minutes.
- If you don't need elephant trekking, our Jeep will take you directly to the waterfall. Then take 5 Minutes hike to the waterfall.
10:30 a.m. - after that, get exciting with crocodile show.
- Baby elephants and monkey show.
12:15 p.m. To do worship the amazing Mummified Monk at Wat Khunaram.
The only we have ever seen wearing sunglasses mummy! "Luong Por Daeng" was a highly respected monk when died over 35 years ago. A native of Koh Samui he enjoyed a long prosperous family life until he was 50 years old when he decides to devote the last part of his life to the monk hood. After being ordain in 1944, he became renowned for his meditation practice for about 20 years. He was also able to foresee his own death in 1973 when he was 79 years old. Today, he can still be seen in the exact same meditative position he was in when he died.
12:45 p.m. Leave from Wat Khunaram to the mountain
13:00 p.m. Arrive at the restaurant for Thai lunch. Take the viewpoint from the restaurant that you can see the other island nearby Koh Samui.
14:00 p.m. Visit Buddha's Magic garden. A resting place on Samui heights, a small waterfall and all around dozen of statuettes which were cave in the rock by the local inhabitant of the name of Nim thongsuk, he built the garden in 1976 when he was 77 years old.
15:00 p.m. Leave from Buddha's Magic garden to visit the Koh Samui Water Shad Center.
- See the Island Green Project that the people cooperate for Koh Samui.
- See Check Dam. / King Grass.(Vetiver Grass) 
- Plant the tree for save Koh Samui's environment.
15:30 p.m. Back to Hotel.


Tour status : Available instant confirmation.
Type of tour : Join on tour.
Duration of tour : 4 hours from approximately.


  • Round trip transfer by 4WD
  • Lunch
  • Jungle Safari
  • Elephant Show
  • Elephant Trek
  • Sightseeing the grandmother & grandmother's rock, big buddha  
  • English speaking
  • Insurance
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