One of the great adventure for exploring the nature is kayaking with around 16 km distance at Chiang Dao. This trip is going to bring you pass by jungle and then the famous and beautiful Chiang Dao Mountain.

฿ 2,100 ฿ 2,100
฿ 2,000 ฿ 2,000 -5%


This is a trip for nature lovers. We will bring you to explore the jungle in the different and unique way that is kayaking in Chiang Dao area of Chiang Mai with 16 km distance seeing the jungle view and enjoying to paddle along the path of the river.

฿ 2,100 ฿ 2,100
฿ 2,000 ฿ 2,000 -5%


8Adventures is the premier whitewater rafting Chiang Mai outfitter. Serving up the highest quality Whitewater Rafting adventure trips on the Mae Tang River. The best 10km whitewater has to offer. Run by world class enthusiasts. Join us on this exciting, action-packed class III-IV section of whitewater. Impressive drops with superb scenery –You will not be disappointed.

฿ 3,000 ฿ 3,000
฿ 2,800 ฿ 2,800 -7%

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Really an amazing day, over 14 rapids in 10 kms. The best day of rafting with the guides at Khampan Rafting! They were full of energy and covered all safety precautions. Come and you will spend 2 hrs. Taking a white water rafting. Walking to the waterfall with your friends and family. These will help you to forget the stress of everyday life. Come have true white water get-a-way, in Maetang River.

฿ 2,000 ฿ 2,000


One day trip combination between White Water Rafting and ATV riding which are the most exciting outdoor activities. Rafting for 10 kms. at MaeTang River and ATV riding in a cool design track for an hour. We have experienced staffs. They are always ready to help and rescue you. Let's get some fun.

฿ 1,800 ฿ 1,800
฿ 1,700 ฿ 1,700 -6%

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Join our professional team, Chiang Mai Adventure, for a superb two-hour adventure on the Mae Tang River. Experience a unique and unforgettable journey through some of the most spectacular scenery, winding gorges, luscious jungles and magnificent terraced rice fields. Paddle through breathtaking canyon for unparalleled fun on the river.

฿ 1,900 ฿ 1,900
฿ 1,700 ฿ 1,700 -11%


White Water Rafting in Mae Taeng river is the most exciting outdoor activity with the distance of 10 kms. We have experienced staffs. They are all trained in safety & rescue procedures . They are always ready to help you when you fall out off the boat. Your job is having so much fun.

฿ 1,600 ฿ 1,600
฿ 1,500 ฿ 1,500 -6%
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